What is Video Combo?

Video Combo makes it really easy to get your own videos that are top quality, and offer great value.

We’ll say it – we make the best Company Introduction and Customer Testimonial videos for Kiwi trades businesses! This is our new way of working with tradies who need videos, and we are the industry leaders.

All of your Video Combos are made by Kiwis, and we actually give a stuff about what you’re trying to achieve!

About our Videos

Our two types of professional videos, Company Introduction Videos and Testimonial Videos, will make sure you stand out and help you grow your business.

Video Combo delivers quality videos that look consistent as a set, and remove all the hassle and fluff. And if you ever want to refresh your Video Combo in future, we’ll be here to help!

What’s included in our Video Combos

We do the entire process, and include lots of extras.

We’ll help you right throughout the process, and keep your footage for future projects.

Included in our fees are planning support, local travel (Wellington, Porirua, Hutt Valley), gear fees, and one revision. Drone footage can also be included – depending on the location’s flight restrictions, and available time.

Ask yourself, how many jobs do you need to win for a Video Combo to pay for itself? 

Even better, you can be confident in using your Video Combo for a number of years, and in different ways, to get in front of many more of your potential customers.

You’ll be using them on your website, social media channels, YouTube, presentations, and quotes.

Why you need a Video Combo package

  1. Strengthen Your Brand

    • Show people who you are, what you do, and what makes you special
    • Bring new credibility and buzz to your brand
    • Give your target audience more confidence to choose you
  2. Achieve Business Continuity

    • Secure more projects in advance
    • Good for when you are looking for work, or to create business confidence
    • Our video packages are designed to help you grow
  3. Win the Projects You Want

    • We’ll make sure your messaging is on point to appeal to your target market
    • Take the business in the direction you want it to go
    • People still buy from people – showcase the projects and clients to attract more like them

Company Introduction Videos

Introduce yourself and your business right!

A 60-90 second video introducing what your business does, and why potential customers should choose your company. These make your business look awesome, and create a more personal connection with your target audience!

Choose between a Starter Package, or Premium Package

Introduction Video
Starter Package

Film your piece to camera and action all at one location on a half-day shoot

$2,950 +gst

Full Day Shoot
Premium Package

Film at up to three different locations for more opportunities and dynamic footage on a full-day shoot

$3,950 +gst

Here’s a Company Introduction Video (Premium Package) we did for Conrad and the team at Tungsten Electrical:

Customer Showcase Testimonials

Let your great work and happy customers do the talking!

A 60-90 second video of a happy customer talking about what your business did for them, and their recommendation to others. Let other people sell your services, and show off the projects you’re proud of!

Customer Showcase Testimonial

This is a 3 hour shoot at the project location, where your customer answers our set of special questions, and we film your awesome work.

$2,540 +gst

Here’s a Customer Showcase Testimonial we did for Rylock Wellington:

Starter Testimonials

Get a taste for the power of professional customer testimonials!

A 30 second snippet of a happy customer talking about your business. In the Starter Plus Testimonial we can use any existing images you have!

This is a quick 1 hour shoot, where your customer describes what it was like working with you. We’ll do a professional video setup, and supply a finished video file.

Choose between our ‘Basic Starter’ and ‘Starter Plus’ options

Starter Testimonial
Basic Starter

Simply the customer speaking to camera

$900 +gst

Testimonial Plus
Starter Plus

Includes your selection of supplied relevant photos to help illustrate the interview

$1000 +gst

Here’s a Starter Plus Testimonial we did for Capital Builders:

Upgrades & Extras

Take your videos to the next level with our Custom Logo Animation Package and Handpicked Backing Music Track. These are one-off fees – purchase them once and we’ll apply them to all of your videos for free.

Custom Logo Animation package

Bring your brand to life with our professional animation, customised to reflect what your business is all about. Included in the package are your logo animation, name badges, and a call to action or contact details!

$750 +gst

Music Track
Handpicked Backing Music Track

We’ll supply a background music track, which sets the right tone for your brand and adds energy to your videos.

$250 +gst

Here are some examples of animation packages we’ve done for various businesses: